Strabasiøs baltisk topptur

After a big struggle upwards, fighting dogs and horses, The Royal Norwegian Geocaching Team of October 2008 finally reached the summit and took off our oxygene gear, breathing the clean, clear Lithuanian air. Yesss, we made it! We're on the top of Lithuania!
Now I've been on the National Peaks of Lithuania (Aukstojas Peak, 294,8 m), Romania (Moldeveanu 2544 m) and Norway (Galdhopiggen 2469 m).

The view from the peak:

Hi there, I'm high!

Afterwards, a trip to the Belarus border, and finally to the geographical mid point of Europe, according to The French National Geographic Institute. Or at least one of them, it seems that the French geographers are warrling on their earlier precision and it might happen that the very centre is not under the column, and indeed not under the rock, but some 6-7 kilometres closer to Vilnius, on the other side of the road.

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